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Refreshing a Brand to Drive Sales

To know your customers, you need to talk to your customers.


Brand Strategy Message Mapping Key Message Prioritization




A small, local East Coast beef brand needed its sales to be driven with a brand refresh, updating not only its look and feel, but its category positioning as well. In order to understand how it could stand out, Rabbit hit the road to speak directly to the people who matter most to the brand – beef customers.

Using Rabbit’s L.I.V.E. Intelligence methodology™


to understand the problems the beef brand was facing, Rabbit drove across an entire state stopping in everything from rural towns to some of the country’s biggest cities along the way to talk to prospective customers about what they really think about buying beef.

beef from a family farm is fresher.


Through these conversations, Rabbit learned consumers don’t care as much about the brand of beef they purchase, but they do care about where it comes from, how it’s raised, and that it’s fresh. When it comes to consumers, a majority also said they believe 


From the fieldwork insights and a heightened understanding of the brand, Rabbit realized the client needed to sell beef with a story, connecting consumers to the local farmers with which they so closely worked already.