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Rebuilding a Company Culture

The most sensitive communications issues often require the most detailed research.


Visioning Stakeholder Analysis Engagement Strategy Design



A family-owned snack company


was struggling with growth due to internal cultural challenges. The company’s executive leadership team had been replaced with an almost entirely new group employees – all within just two years. For the company’s employees, this shift introduced new dynamics, leading to new methods of communication and working with leadership.

redefining the business’ culture.


Because of this, the company needed to better communicate and share its culture and values. Rabbit was brought in to help determine the best course of action to continue 


Through interviews, surveys and internal research, Rabbit was able to gather insights and create a roadmap, which laid out a cultural engagement strategy. With the executive leadership team wanting to be involved in the day-to-day, having the roadmap for the company was key in helping everyone understand how to relate and work with the new team of leaders. It established a more unified company atmosphere, closing the gap between the new leadership team and the employees.

insights to drive innovation.


Throughout this process, Rabbit determined that no matter the project, the approach is no different. By using the Rabbit process and focusing on human-centered design, Rabbit will find the