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Facilitating Business Strategy Evolution Through Co-creation

Evolution is a key to innovation. Not only in “what” you sell and how you sell it, but also in who you are as a brand. Such was the case for one Rabbit client faced with a definitive need to re-define its aging business strategy and operational model because of natural changes to the industry and technological advances in their business.


Annual Communications Planning Brand Strategy Message Mapping Segmentation




Over the years, the animal division of a global pharmaceutical company had grown into something to which the historical business strategy didn’t apply. Rabbit was tasked with rethinking the growth strategy for the company and developing solutions that would be relevant for the next five to seven years.

what employees believed about the company and its direction.


First, Rabbit utilized human-centered design methodologies through surveys and interviews with employees, asking not only what they did, but who they were at their core and where they dreamed they could take the company next. These methods allowed the team to hear firsthand 


With insights gathered, Rabbit developed and guided a two-day workshop with the leadership team. Part of this workshop was sharing what Rabbit had learned through the survey and interview process, but with so many different kinds of brains in the room, we also took advantage of the chance to generate new thinking. 

new goals and how to achieve them.


Using everything from Brainwriting and customized SWOT analysis exercises to our proprietary Action KASTing process for reaching tangible change priorities, the team generated ideas for how to move “from – to” a new way of working. After the workshop, Rabbit developed a fresh business strategy – and action plan – that allowed the company to walk away fully aligned on