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Evolution for Relevancy

Some products just aren’t exciting. But their relevance can be.


Brand Strategy, Message Mapping, Key Message Prioritization




A tire brand needed to evolve to become more relevant to its audience. With new leadership in place, the opportunity arose to establish a new brand framework and reposition the product.

Rabbit had the chance


to create not only a brand framework, but also an internal and external positioning for the tire division. Before we took on the project, the organization had already invested in thorough research. Rabbit brought that research to life by digging into the details and pulling out key insights in order to understand how it could influence everything from the company’s communications plan to the creative work that had been done. 


The client came in with a very specific idea of what they were looking for as it related to the brand. As Rabbit dug into the research, the category and the audience, they determined a slight shift was in order. Rabbit worked with the brand to shape what the framework could be to work for different teams within the organization.

how the tire company is relevant to them.


By engaging its process, Rabbit was able to help define the brand personality, and gain alignment between the brand and its audience’s understanding of 


In addition, Rabbit, along with the leadership team, co-created a new brand promise. The brand promise reminds the team everyday why they do what they do and how important their jobs are in supporting their end-customers.