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Driving Innovation with a Proven Product

When an advancing but undefined competitive threat takes aim at your market share, it’s imperative to go quickly and think brightly.


Product and Service Development Innovation Roadmaps



The maker of a long-standing agricultural product


which serves independent seed dealers, agriculture retailers and farmers, had a firm grip on its market with no real competition in place. However, the company was aware of innovation threats – would-be competitors looking to make improvements to the concept that had become well-known among farmers and retailers. There was a significant need to look in the mirror, identify potential product improvements and create an improved product before someone else did.


The company enlisted Rabbit to listen to its key audience and identify areas of innovation exploration as it begun the process of engineering and development of a 2.0 product. 

Rabbit implemented human-centered design


in its purest form to dig deep and get to the heart of the potential product modernization. By talking to the current product users about why they use the product, how they use it and what problem it solves for them, Rabbit was able to gain a holistic understanding of the product and help identify areas for possible innovation. That information was presented to the company’s engineering team and served as the basis for a Rabbit Innovation Session, during which they brainstormed potential solutions.


Using the actual voices and direct feedback of the people who use the product, Rabbit was able to identify areas of improvement that would matter to the company’s audience. As is true with all companies, no matter how close a company is to its product, there is always more to learn.