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Determining Roles to Make a Difference

Not all projects must be large to make an impact. Some, simply by leading ideation, can help an organization come to alignment and move forward.


Visioning Process Design Stakeholder Analysis




A nonprofit in Northeast Minneapolis that focuses on helping kids have enough food for the weekends and school breaks was growing quickly. The rapid growth led to an internal struggle as to the role of the board and the day-to-day team.

Because the organization was growing 


so quickly, it was creating offerings that didn’t align with its overarching goals. In addition, a disconnect existed between old and new board members about what their individual roles should be as well as the role of the organization in the community. The organization needed to define where it fit, and create alignment across the board and within the team.

define how the different teams worked.


To help the company navigate through its confusion, Rabbit led a half-day, facilitated Rabbit Session to help get the organization aligned. Rabbit came prepared to help determine where the company fit in the community, review the mission, define what the mission meant to the organization and 


From the Rabbit Session, we were able to create alignment among the board, allowing the non-profit to take a step in the right direction and continue its growth with clearly defined roles.