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Creating Alignment for a Stronger Brand

Effective change begins with introspection.


Brand Strategy Audience Profiles Key Message Prioritization



alignment among the team.


Consistently reviewing how strategies and frameworks are or are not working for their business is something Rabbit consistently suggests to its clients. It is important to review strategies and frameworks each year in order to maintain project success. However, one of the key challenges of this process is that there may not always be 


A commodity organization in California that works with farmers partnered with Rabbit as part of its transition to a new agency. This was the first time in 10 years the commodity organization had shifted partnerships, so becoming aligned with the agency was a top priority.


A challenge throughout this process was determining how to pull together information about the organization’s identity in order to establish complete alignment on the campaign goals. To address this need, Rabbit recommended the creation of a brand framework, which would establish consistency in the present and serve as a reference tool to maintain alignment in future projects.

brand purpose and brand personality.


Through several Rabbit Sessions, the client and new agency came to agreement on a brand framework – including the brand promise, brand position, target audiences, emotional and functional reasons to believe – and the brand foundation – including brand assets, brand values,